Julia Margolies
Julia Margolies | designer and illustrator
Bus Adsew-02.jpg


Bus Adsew-02.jpg


Rumee is a campaign created to help teach college girls how to eat a healthier
and globally inspired diet given their meager resources while learning that in
doing so they're helping the world around them as well.

Photographer: Cinthya Zuniga

product shot-1.jpg

College freshmen are greeted by a bento box in their dorms on moving day.
Each bento box contains swag that introduces them to the Rumee
campaign, such as sticker decals and a t-shirt.

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product shot-11.jpg

Throughout campuses bus shelter ads display quick simple facts about how
eating a healthier diet is not only good for you, but good for the world as well.

Class Mockup.jpg

Dorm kitchens are revamped with appealing decor for cooking classes that
help students cook healthy foods using the simple resources they have.


Posters throughout dorms invite students to college cooking classes.