Julia Margolies
Julia Margolies | designer and illustrator


Photography by Kady Carter

Photography by Kady Carter

In the jump between childhood bewilderment and adulthood’s ever seeping mundaneness, I rely on the storms of life to sweep me up, never letting me settle with mediocrity.I say this because I was born during a squall. You may laugh but, I have to believe there is a drop of magic in the little things we hold close to ourselves. 

As bold and as brave as that may sound, I’m just an independent quick witted southern girl at heart. I have a fancy degree, written in fancy script, hung on a plain wall. And although, I know I learned a good deal in school, I have to say with the changing world of design some days it just feels like a nice framed piece of paper. I survived academia and now is a turning point.

Bring me challenges, and puzzles, and queries so, I, in turn, can be thrown into their storms and come out of the other side ever more resilient bringing with me their hidden truths. 

Shoot me a message: margoliesjulia@gmail.com

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